We have a family history with Sue Fleig, she has trained all dogs in our extended family for almost 20 years. They have ranged from the meanest Rotts to the most docile Rotts, to our bossy Beanner (Beagle/wiener) mix. Going to Sue's is so exciting for our dogs they truly enjoy going and look forward to it. They learn so much,as do we. Sue is a professional, not a teenager at your local Pet store. We could not recommended anyone more patient, kind, responsible, or caring then Sue Fleig. If you want the best for your pet, then get the best, and that's Sue Fleig. ~ Ursula Young-Dadson Pittsford, NY 

I began using Sue's services when my sons were both very young. They also both have special needs. Putting two young sons with special needs as well as two dogs into a car in order to make a grooming appointment became too much of a burden. My dogs began to suffer the consequences until I found Sue's mobile business. For some, what Sue does is a wonderful convenience. It is that for me as well. But, it has also at times served as a necessity for my pets.  ~  Amy Schindler, Pittsford, NY

S.O.D. (save our dog) was our lament to Sue. Our dog, a four year old Shih Tzu, Oreo was out of hand. He certainly was the ‘master.’ He did what he wanted; when he wanted and occasionally would allow us to think that we were owners and he was pet. He was horrendous around other dogs. In fact, we were asked to leave puppy training classes (taken somewhere else) as he was so aggressive that he terrorized the other pups.

After several years of this behavior and constant barking at neighbors and their dogs, we were desperate to gain control. Our vet recommended we contact Sue Fleig. With much trepidation, we took our monster to meet Sue. Within the hour, Sue had him responding. That was all we needed! Oreo was off to boot camp! When we came back two weeks later, it was “who is this dog and what did you do with Oreo?” Oreo actually was around other dogs and behaved – no barking, no straining at the leash – just a calm well-behaved dog! I was in heaven! Now Oreo and I attend regular classes so that I can be trained too! Thank you Sue! Our neighbors and their dogs thank you too! ~ Marie & Mark Torrens, Penfield.

Calvin’s new best friend: Sue Fleig
Sue’s common sense approach with people and her amazing communication with dogs makes her a one of a kind trainer every dog owner should seek out.

We have an American Eskimo (miniature), Calvin: beautiful white, fluffy, however very unpredictable and skittish. We obtained Calvin from Lollipop and he had several issues interacting with people. Calvin was very untrusting and afraid of people and strange sounds – especially men and small children (as they move so quickly). People always tried to approach and pet him. His tendency was to bark, growl and snap – not very neighborly. We were nervous to have him around others.

Before we came to see Sue, we had all but given up hope that his behavior would ever improve. After several recommendations and research, we knew we had to meet Sue. Once we met Sue, we recognized that she has a special way with dogs. We dropped Calvin off for two weeks of boot camp with high hopes and tears in our eyes. Sue’s Dog Boot Camp program changed our lives and Calvin’s forever. Calvin had made friends with two members of Sue’s family. When Calvin came home from boot-camp, I don’t think the neighborhood recognized him. He is letting people approach and pet him. Now he is a loveable well behaved dog.

Since, boot camp we have begun obedience training classes, “to train us”. We couldn't be more pleased with what we've learned. Sue’s work sets a high standard of quality, the kind that every dog deserves. We've told everyone about Sue Fleig Canine Consulting. Sue talks to the dogs. Thank you Sue!   ~ Darrin and Kim Meszler, Webster.

Great place! Well lit, clean and big outdoor ring. Equipped with all the best competition obstacles and competition style metal-based contact obstacles. Everything is very sturdy and safe. Big, lit, and padded floor indoor ring as well. Classes are fun and educational at the same time. You learn a lot and have tons of fun. Sue is very knowledgeable and very friendly. She definitely knows what she’s doing. My dog loves to go to classes. He can’t wait to go every week. I would never go anywhere else. Two paws up!  ~ Amanda Brown, Penfield.

I’ve been coming to classes for almost 9 years! Not only do I learn a lot but my dogs love working in class. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve made lots of new friends!

Mobile grooming is the best. No fuss, no muss. The van comes to your house, (better than a shop) you don’t have to leave your dogs and come back to pick them up again! Sue does a great job with the grooming! I never worry with having Sue groom my dogs. No stress, my dogs are comfortable and the grooming is worry free!   ~ Marie Haschmann, Webster.

Corky was a dog described by my vet as, "marching to his own drum." He
did not like riding in cars, was upset by the noise and confusion of
grooming shops, and did not like having his feet touched. As he grew
older he developed allergies and sensitivities that made him crankier
and more uncooperative. Sue dealt with all these things in her usual
calm and caring manner.

To say that Sue's Clip Joint was a help to me is an understatement.
She saved Corky and myself a lot of discomfort and upset. He always
looked well groomed. I would absolutely recommend Sue to anyone with a
dog..... one with problems like I had..... or one without. I think the
combination of her training expertise and grooming skills makes for
the best possible grooming experience for any dog.  ~  Ann Comisso, Pittsford.

I  have been taking Buddy, a PWD, to puppy class for about 4 months and I am thrilled at the results. I felt it was important to do because the puppy was a gift for my two young sons and I didn't want Buddy to treat them like "litter mates". He has made weeekly growth and as long as I do my "homework" with him he appears to be a quick learner. Sue teaches us how to train our puppies and we do the work. This is very different from dropping your dog off with a trainer to be trained.  Class is very enjoyable and I love watching the other people and dogs. I have made friends and look forward to spending the hour with Buddy every week. Most importantly, Buddy LOVES going and can't get in the door quick enough when we arrive! I have recommended Sue to everyone I know. It is wonderful.

Grooming- Two weeks ago I had Buddy groomed at our house. After setting up an appointment with Sue I was done. I was comfortable having her let herself into my home and get Buddy. IT WAS WONDERFUL. I came home from work that day and I had a beautiful, clean, and happy puppy waiting for me. I work full time and getting Buddy groomed took no time out of my day. I will continue to use Sue from now on! :) A very happy customer, Valerie Hoban 

It's all about convenience and trust ... I love Sue's Clip Joint! Getting our three westies groomed couldn't be easier! I know that Sue will be there when she has us booked, and I know "our babies" will look fabulous when I return home. Sue does her thing, makes our next appointment, gives the girls a treat, locks up - and away she goes. She is fabulous with the dogs. They're very spoiled, and I really think she is the only one they behave for.
I can't imagine taking the dogs elsewhere.  ~ Karen Piampiano

I LOVE the mobile grooming!! What used to tie up my dogs from 7 am to 3 pm now takes 2 ½ hours right at our own home. The dogs are not stressed being left behind at a place they hate and are not gone for hours on end. No more bloody nails from them being cut too short by an “expert”. Sue does a great job and is always careful. You will never go back to conventional grooming salons after this!  ~ Dody Flynn