Introducing.....Our Gang, Spanky, Alfalfa and Darla.

This was Flash Driven Border Collies first litter between Envy and Stealth.  We couldn't be happier with the litter, although it was touch and go with little Darla for the first two months.  Spanky and Alfalfa both weighed in at 16 oz at birth.  Darla only weighed 4 oz.

The pups are grown now and Spanky was sold to Keith and Gigi Damick.  Spanky is now called Flash Driven Bolo Bomber.

We decided to keep Alfalfa who is now named Flash Driven Sonic Boom!  We also kept little Darla because we weren't sure for so long if she was going to survive or not.  We are happy to report that not only has she survived, but she is thriving!  Darla is now named Flash Driven Darling Miracle.  She certainly is our little miracle.

The pups are in obedience training now and will soon start their agility training.