Obedience Training helps build the basic relationship between you and your dog. Whether you realize it or not, you are training your dog all the time. When you scream at your dog for peeing on the carpet you might think you're training your dog not to pee on the carpet. Later that winter night when you are outside waiting for your dog to go - your dog is thinking: "Ah, I got this now, I'm not suppose to pee in front of him" and you stand there staring at each other. The second you get back in the house, while you are running a hot bath for yourself, your pup finds a nice place where you can't see him so that he can finally relieve himself - on the antique carpet in the foyer. You've taught your dog something, but not what you intended. 

Obedience classes teach YOU how to train your dog.

You train your dog so that he can be a happier, healthier, more well adjusted companion that you will be proud to take anywhere. A well trained dog comes when called - even when there is that tempting morsel just at dog level in the hand of your toddler. A well trained dog walks nicely on lead, even at the veterinarian's office. A well trained dog doesn't steal food, soil in the house, nip at people's heels or jump up on the guests. He can be found sleeping in a corner while the rest of the family enjoys dinner.

You train your dog because he deserves it. Because he doesn't want to spend his life in the garage or tied in the backyard. He wants to spend his life at your side. That's why you train your dog.