Sue's Clip Joint mobile pet salon was founded by Sue Fleig, a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Dog Grooming, to provide the high quality care and service that your pet deserves. Sue's Clip Joint utilizes the very latest in mobile grooming technology to ensure you best friend's time with us is a safe and happy experience. Our mobile salon has fresh and waste water containment tanks and requires nothing more than a place to park, a place to plug into and a pet to love. We pride ourselves on our customers' satisfaction, and strive to accommodate the special needs of each client on an individual basis.

Why entrust your pet to a grooming shop assembly line where they'll spend most of the day in a cage? Sue's Clip Joint will groom your pet in your driveway.  Your pet is at ease because he is in his own environment.   Your pet will look better because of the personal attention he gets. 

Standard Services:
* Hair Removal from Pads and Ears

* Ears Cleaned

* Nails Trimmed

* Thorough Brushout and Detangling

* Hydro Jet Massaging in a Luxury Bath

* Flea Shampoo When Needed

* Medicated Bath if Necessary

* Skin and Coat Conditioner

* Towel Dry and Warm Air Fluff Drying

* Standard Breed Pet Clip and Scissors Finish

* Bows, Bandanas, and Cologne

Why Sue's Clip Joint?

*  No Stress from travel or noisy, crowded grooming shops 

*  Pets are not caged - we operate in a heated/air-conditioned mobile salon requiring nothing from the homeowner but an  electrial  outlet

*  No separation anxiety 

*  Your pet is handled in a clean, comfortable and sanitized environment 

*  No contact with other animals 

*  Eliminated restrictive pickup and delivery times 

*  We do our best to accommodate our customers' busy schedules 

*  We use all natural products 

*  Reasonable rates (Call or email for details)