Sadly, we lost Leia in August, 2010.  Rest in Peace Leia.

Leia was originally purchased to be a schutzhund dog.  Schutzhund is a sport that incorporates tracking, obedience and protection work.  Leia's sire was a 3 time national champion and world champion schutzhund dog.  After starting her schutzhund training we discovered agility.  There just wasn't enough time to do both sports so I gave up schutzhund and she became my first agility dog.

Leia and I learned agility together.  She was an amazing first agility dog.  We did very well together and she taught me a lot about training.  She was very fast and could give the Border Collies a run for their money!  She was a USDAA Regional Semi-finalist which qualified us for nationals.  We decided not to make the trip to Arizona, but it was nice knowing she was qualified to go!

Leia is now 12 years old and retired from competition.