Flash Driven Darling Miracle
D.O.B. 5/29/10

Darla is truly a miracle.  She weighed only 4 oz. at birth.  She appeared to be nursing, but obviously wasn't getting nurishment.  It quickly became apparent we had to do something or we were going to loose her.  So we made an emergency trip to the vet who showed me how to tube feed her.  I tube fed her two weeks around the clock.  Then at two weeks we switched to bottle feeding for another two weeks. 

Darla appeared to be deaf and blind.  She was born without an ear.  We made many trips back and forth to the veterinarian.  I kept second guessing myself about whether we should put her down.  I thought maybe I was being cruel keeping her alive.  Her balance wasn't good because she couldn't see or hear.  She would spin in circles.  She would fall over.  Then suddenly at 4 weeks of age, she began to hear!  We kept her gated in a small room and she could find her away around and find her food and water bowls on her own.  It was then I started having hope.

At six weeks of age Darla could see!  We were estatic!  She could live a normal life.  We are happy to report that Darla is thriving!!  She can hear just as well as any other dog.  Her vision is good.  Her balance is now normal.   She is my constant companion around the house.  Darla has a home here as long as she lives.  We hope that it will be a normal, happy, long life.  After her rough start in life, she deserves it!